Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Program 

Spotlight Dance Studios early childhood programs is structured for children from 3—5 years of age. We have designed a teaching style using song, basic ballet, tap & tumbling, to keep your child happy and engaged  This not only teaches the building blocks of dance, but more importantly, is a fun way to learn.  Dancers perform 1 dance routine in our annual recital.

Tiny Tots (creative movement)
45 minutes once a week for children 3 years old by the end of August or turning 4 during the school year.  $58 per month.

In our Tiny Tots class, we begin with a circle warm-up. Each student chooses a carpet square and baby doll. This is not just warming up the body but also allows students to participate and share as well as provides grounding for this active age group. One example of sharing would be doing our mermaid stretch and allowing the students, one a time, to add a color or detail to their mermaid "tail". Any little simple sharing makes students feel important, in control, and part of a team. Circle warm-up is also about taking turns, being patient, following direction, etc....all extremely important lessons for any preschooler. The warm-up remains the same throughout the year as young students like consistency and repetition.  

Before we leave the circle, we do some type of cardio dance in and around the circle, typically a different one every month or whenever they have mastered it. Next, students are responsible for putting their mat and doll away. They are also prompted where in the room to go for the next exercise.  

We then work on locomotor skills (walk, march, jump, hop, gallop, skip, tippy toe walk, chasse, etc.) and different patterns (circle, diagonal, rows, columns, figure 8, etc.). This may be done one a time, in pairs, trios, or all together. We just get moving!

We will also perform at least one creative movement song in every class - that is to say, we act out a story or idea. Example, when we visit the Magical Forest, we are dancers tip toeing as to not wake the animals, we gallop with the Unicorn, leap over the river, smell the flowers, fly with the birds, etc. The possibilities are endless, and this age group's imagination is magical.

The first class of each month (starting in October), after circle time, we do a simple, beginner tumbling and obstacle course lesson. This especially helps develop upper body and core strength as well as coordination.

The last class of every month (also starting in October), families are invited to come in and observe. 

Pre-School (creative movement)
45 minutes once a week for children 4 years old by the end of August or turning 5 during the school year.  $58 per month.

Preschool students take what they have learned in Tiny Tots with the addition of Pre Ballet and Tumbling. Tumbling exercises such as rolls and hops are done on mats, with some work on the mini balance beam or trampoline. We keep this a fun and lively teaching style to keep your child engaged, allowing them to develop their coordination, rhythm and music appreciation.

Spotlight Dance Studio Pre-Ballet
Kinder Movement (Pre-Ballet & Tap)
60 minutes (30min Ballet / 30min Tap)once a week for children 5 years old by the end of August or turning 6 during the school year.  $58 per month.

Students take the previous skill they have learned and apply them to different dance styles. Not only do they continue to study Ballet but Tap is introduced on a weekly basis. Instruction is given on how to move across the floor such as skipping, galloping, walking on toes while adding arm movements, and how to put together steps while counting music. Overall, helping them develop more confidence and performance skills.

Spotlight Dance Studio Pre-Ballet
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